Sunday, August 06, 2006

International consensus on global warming needed.

I have noticed that big business is starting to take a more vocal position on global warming. And why shouldn't they - climate change will cost them trillions over the next hundred years? This isn't just my opinion, it is also that of Bill Robinson, director of economics at PriceWaterhouse-Coopers: :::[The Independent]

Even if the probability of any one of these things happening [global warming catastrophes] is no more than 5 per cent, and even if future damage is discounted in today's money, the present value of the expected cost to the human race is still measured in trillions of dollars. That is the case for taking action.

In his estimation the best we can hope for is to slow down the rate we put co2 into the air, to buy time so can adapt better. He believes people should pay permits to pollute and that airtravel should endure a fuel tax. I believe he has nailed the way forward:

There is no shortage of viable policies to address the global warming problem. The challenge is to secure an international consensus for implementing them.

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MnMnM said...

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Anonymous said...

if public becomes more aware of how toxic some businesses are we can pressure them to adapt a cleaner process and still be profitable. Their greed factor will still be there and make us feel better too :)

Colorado Coalition for Human Rights said...

I have a link to an interesting article on global warming and recent heat waves at

Anonymous said...


I've put some articles up on wind farms. Check them out when you have sometime.

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