Sunday, September 24, 2006

Royal Society smacks ExxonMobil fair square on the nose

Britian's leading and longest serving scientific institution, The Royal Society, writes to Exxon Mobil asking it to cease the funding of think-tanks tasked to confuse the public about the science of global warming. (For a comprehensive understanding of this skullduggery check the eye-opening

Bob Ward of the Royal Society for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge explains why for the first time since being founded in 1660 that the Royal Society has written to a company about its anti-science activities.

"It is now more crucial than ever that we have a debate which is properly informed by the science. For people to be still producing information that misleads people about climate change is unhelpful. The next IPCC report should give people the final push that they need to take action and we can't have people trying to undermine it."

The letter from Bob Ward to

Nick Thomas
Director, Corporate Affairs
Esso UK Limited
UK Public Affairs
ExxomMobil House, Mailpoint 8
Ermyn Bay
KT22 8UX

(Address lovingly typed out for those who would like to express their opinions on the matter), lives here.

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