Saturday, August 18, 2007

Greens calls Government hypocrites over deforestation

Indeed they are...

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Prime Minister John Howard will be a hypocrite if he calls on
other countries to avoid deforestation while allowing further
logging in Tasmanian and Victorian native forests, the Australian
Greens say.

A leaked declaration on climate change, energy security and
clean development, prepared for the 21 leaders attending the
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit next month, calls
on the world's major polluters to set goals to cut greenhouse gas

It also calls for agreement on the importance of preserving and
managing forests.

But Greens leader Bob Brown said the authorised destruction of
Tasmanian and Victorian forests is one of the world's worst
examples of deliberate deforestation.

"Logging and burning Tasmanian and Victorian native forests is
up there amongst the world's worst examples of deliberate
deforestation and greenhouse gas pollution of the Earth's
atmosphere - the very thing the APEC declaration aims to stop.
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Tarun Kumar said...

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Wadard said...

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Ramsey said...

Indeed, the problem of government and corporate hypocrisy is out of control. I've blogged about Starbucks promotion of the eco-friendly film Arctic Tale, while they continue to lack a corporate recycling program.
Starbucks + Arctic Tale + Global Warming = Corporate Hypocrisy



i created a new song audio for now about global warming, kind like an intl anthem i hope....with somebody BIG singing it later.... danny