Monday, April 28, 2008

Sell all your re-insurance stock

Extreme weather is here to stay:

SOMETHING strange is happening to our weather.

Sydney has endured the most sodden school holidays in living memory, including the longest unbroken spell of April drizzle for 77 years, a month after some state capitals sweated through the worst continuous period of baking heat ever recorded. And unseasonably early snow fell in the mountains at the weekend.

"The weather's been anything but normal over the last six months," said Dave Williams, a senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology. "I've been in this game for 20 years, and I can't recall a longer period of sustained weather patterns, of various kinds."

The article explains that this has more to do with La Nina and a 'blocking' high pressure system, but...

"This has less to do with global warming and more to do with the natural kinks and dips you see in weather patterns each year," said Professor Matthew England, co-director of the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of NSW.

"The extremes of heat are an example of the sort of weather we can expect to see a lot more often in the next 50 years, because the evidence is indisputable that the weather is getting warmer."

Personally, I don't think the reference to global warming belongs in that story.

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Unknown said...

Personally, I don't think the reference to global warming belongs in that story.

aww, why not? It's yanked into every other psuedo-anecdotal topic.

"temp's go up? - AGW, "temp's go down? - side effect of AGW, "temp's staying the same?" - another side effect of AGW.

I admire the perfectly circular logic :).

regarding our new mission to keep that avg temp. in our decreed range: How are we gonna stop those pesky volcanoes? Ever look at the % of GH gasses those babies pump out?. Oh! What about the BIGGEST GREEN HOUSE GAS BY FAR!?!?!?! What the HECK are we gonna do with all of that.... WATER VAPOR?!?!?!?!?!? Doesn't it make up the vast majority of all green house gases in the atmosphere?

:):) sorry - in a feisty mood 2nite.

Anonymous said...

You need your arse kicked again, Glitch? I'll deal w. you when I get home ;)