Sunday, August 10, 2008

Global warming needs a Dr Evil

Psychologist, Dan Gilbert says humans have been conditioned through millions years of evolution to react to PAIN threats:
The threat must have one or more of these qualities
  • Personal
  • Abrupt
  • Immoral
  • Now
"Global Warming is happening too slowly", says Gilbert explaining why humans are failing to act in the face of the threat of global climate dislocation.

Fascinating insight into our evolutionary psychology courtesy of Stoat. It identifies where we need to evolve further. Quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that objects fall at speeds proportional to their weight. Dammit Galileo, there's a scientific consensus!!!

What are you, a geocentric denier?!?!? The consensus of scientists is loud and clear. Objects fall by their weight, the sun revolves around the earth, malaria is caused by bad air, autism is caused by the mother, the mentally handicapped should be sterylized and bears are in a totally different order than seals.

Seriously Galileo, get with the program.

Wadard said...

But there was never a scientific consensus around the idea that earth was the centre of the universe in Copernicus day.

You just made that up to carry your argument. As it is not true, it doesn't.

There was a religious interpretation of the bible that informed the geocentric model of the universe. And the Greeks, Indians, Muslims and Mayans all beat Copernicus in coming up with the idea of the heliocentric universe.