Saturday, November 15, 2008

EPA ruling gives Obama clean slate to build the clean economy

Breaking news at Desmogblog. Kevin Grandia is as surprised as I:

Wow. A decision by the Environmental Protection Agency today has ruled that all new and proposed coal-fired power plants must have their carbon dioxide emissions regulated.

The implications are very opportune, according to John Spalding, attorney of the Sierra Club, who successfully prosecuted the case:

Today’s decision opens the way for meaningful action to fight global warming and is a major step in bringing about a clean energy economy. This is one more sign that we must begin repowering, refueling and rebuilding America. The EAB rejected every Bush Administration excuse for failing to regulate the largest source of greenhouse gases in the United States. This decision gives the Obama Administration a clean slate to begin building our clean energy economy for the 21st century.

How very opportune. What a gift for the Obama Administration. The times, they are a changing.



jazzycat said...

It has been a cold year where I live. How about you?

Wadard said...

You do know we are talking about global average temperatures, don't you?

jazzycat said...

Oh yes, and where I live is on the globe! I believe I read where US had one of the coolest years in several decades.

It would probably be nice if the globe did warm a bit. Before the little ice age, farming was done in Greenland. Perhaps it could be done again. It would benefit food production if farming were possible further north and the growing season were longer.

Unfortunately we are in mini-cycles and cooling trends will probably prevent this from happening. One thing is for certain and that is a few tenths of a percent of carbon dioxide increase has very little impact!

Anonymous said...

It is warming a bit sweetie

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