Sunday, April 12, 2009

Climate Sceptics needs all the help it can get

Found this in my inbox, forwarded to me by a reader after reading this:
Climate Sceptics News - 10/04/09
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Welcome to the first of what will be regular updates of what Climate Sceptics around the country are doing to change the perspective of the community on global warming scares etc. As President of "The Climate Sceptics", I can inform you I have a great team of people looking to build the "Climate Sceptic movement" in ways that allow people of differing political perspectives to get involved at some level. Of course most importantly we will give everyone an upper house voting option in the next Federal election to say they are opposed to an Emissions Trading Scheme. If you need to know more about our party and how we accomodate the different situations of people being members of other party`s and uniting us in the broader cause, please email me your questions.
Laymans climate change chronicle to begin soon.
In coming weeks The Climate Sceptics will be putting out a climate change chronicle that will be different to this newsletter and will explain the science and logic of climate change issues to ordinary people. The idea is to give climate sceptics across the country brief and moderately easy to understand materials they can pass onto their friends and relatives to gently and continually inform them of the science, the costs of an ETS, and what climate sceptics are doing. You will get a copy of the climate change chronicle emailed to you for passing on if you are happy to remain on this list. If you know of other climate sceptics who want to receive this newsletter please ask them to email "please subscribe" to or sign up on our web site
Miklos Zagoni in Australia and available for meetings
Dr. Miklos Zagoni, Hungarian physicist, reviewer of the IPCC 2007 Assessment Report Four is now in Australia staying with his Uncle in Melbourne. On 4th May, he will appearing in front of a Committee set up by the NZ Government to revise their emissions trading scheme. Miklos is available to speak at any meetings we can find someone to organise between now and 2nd May. TCS Secretary Anthony Cox will have him speaking in Newcastle on 15th April. Miklos will be my guest in Mt Gambier speaking on 23rd April. If anyone would like to invite Miklos to explain the work of his colleague Ferenc Miskolczi let me know. I can assist with media releases and Miklos is very helpful in making things happen. Please email to chat about this if you are interested and would like more info - especially if you live in Victoria. What Dr Miklos Zagoni will speak about “I am not sceptic at all”, he said, “I am positively convinced that the anthropogenic global warming theory is wrong. New developments in the physics of greenhouse effect and radiative transfer show that the accepted theory leads to largely exaggerated global warming projections”. The new results were achieved and published in peer-reviewed periodicals by his fellow Hungarian physicist dr. Ferenc Miskolczi, who has been principal research scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in the U.S. for years. And in 2 years no one has published a rebuttal Dr. Zagoni can give talks and lectures to layman and expert groups and university people. “The new results of Dr. Miskolczi prove that the accepted theory contradicts fundamental physical principles. The Earth maintains a controlled greenhouse effect by strict energetic constraints”, he said. “Runaway global warming seems physically impossible.” “We obviously do not deny that a certain change in the climate is taking place. This might be a mix of natural processes and consequence of the influence of human activity on the Earth’s surface (land use change and deforestation might altered the surface reflectivity, modifying the amount of the absorbed solar energy). We also accept that the climate has warmed during previous centuries. What we challenge is the cause: Our results show that it cannot be the increase of atmospheric GHG composition.” “If we are right, extra CO2 cannot enhance the atmospheric greenhouse effect. Powerful energetic feedbacks drive it back to its equilibrium state. Fluctuations are possible in the stochastic system of the climate, and time-scales are to be thoroughly examined, but the average surface temperature is clearly limited by the global energy balance. Incoming energy of the sun, planetary albedo, water vapor cycle and the partial cloud cover may be the main players on the scene.” “According Dr. Miskolczi’s calculation on the NOAA 60-years global average database, during these decades the Earth’s greenhouse effect remained constant. The atmosphere equated the increase of CO2 with minor modifications in the hydrological cycle.” "This may sound crazy to those accepting the common wisdom. But I will present data and the computations and I welcome anyone who can come and falsify Dr. Miskolczi and myself. Dr. Zagoni’s website, with all the relevant publications and other information:
Till next time
Leon Ashby President
"The Climate Sceptics"
PO box 721, Mt Gambier, SA 5290
(447 Chambers Rd Mt Gambier SA 5290)
Ph 0887259561 or 0887235550

If Ferenc Everything-bar-the-CO2e Miskolczithe is anything to go by then the climate change chronicle promises to be fun pickings.

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