Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fielding staring at the sun for too long

My reaction to the news of Senator Stephen Fielding coming back from attending an AGW denier's conference hosted by the Heartland Institute, is that he seeks to betray the path of ETS legislation for thirty pieces of Big Fossil-Fuel silver. My evidence? Simply that Fielding is replaying their great canard, 'It's the sun, stupid'.

Professor Barry Brook's reaction is to patiently explain why the peer-review science says Fielding is wrong. He sets out thus:

‘Solar variability does not explain late-20th-century warming’, says the title of a short paper published earlier this year by Philip Duffy, Ben Santer and Tom Wigley in Physics Today. The reason I bring up the topic of the sun and climate now is that an Australian Senator, Stephen Fielding of the Family First party, has recently been concerned that the solar variability could be a cause of recent warming, as the vote for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme comes before the Upper House. Apparently, he got this information from the American Heartland Institute. Well, let me put the good Senator’s concerns to rest.

He puts mine to rest... read it... leaving only concerns about Fielding himself.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Another messenger shot! Soon our beloved IPPC will realize that they must create a body - a corps - to hunt down and silence the Global Warming Deniers. It is vital that the One Truth be spread, regardless of any so-called "scientific evidence", so that all of us may donate our tax and non-tax dollars to feed the Great Global Warming Prevention Program, which will very rightly enrich many venerable politicians who are True Believers and High Priests and Priestesses of the Sacred Movement.

Oh Great Global Warming Blogger, I only opted for being "anonymous" because I fear the Develish Wrath of the dread and twisted and wrong-thinking Deniers, whose foul words must be silenced less our Children become corrupted by them, and so be prevented from ascending to the holy state of impoverishment foretold by our True Believer Politicians.