Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Opposition now opposes Australian people's will

How's that for an election strategy when staring down the barrel of an anytime-now double-dissolution election?

With 66 per cent of Australians supporting the emissions trading scheme, according to the Herald's Nielsen poll on Monday, and only 25 per cent supporting it, the Liberal party elects a hard-right, stem-cell research stopping, God-bothering wacko, preferred by only 25 per cent of Aussie voters. Did I already say he is against stem-cell research?



I just don't get the Liberals. Did big Fossil Fuel quietly promise to feather-bed the retirements of the ETS rejectors? Or did they have a communal brain-fart of frustration as a result of not being in power after countless years of having it?

To prove he is monkish mad when it comes to science, after Tony Abbott won the leadership by one vote (43 to Malcolm Turnbull's 42) he immediately called for a secret ballot on the fate of the ETS (CPRS) bill. Secret, I guess, so the electorate won't know who to take it out on come election time. Here is the verdict on whether to back or defer Rudd’s great green tax: Defer - 55, Back - 29. But we all know 'what' defer means. It means 'ship the CPRS bill off to a committee out the back and then put the bullet into it'.

Which, all in all, sounds like a recipe for a double-dissolution election, now that the Liberals have handed Labor a weapon, fully loaded. The same Nielsen poll shows that 57 per cent of voters, also support the Government calling an early election if the scheme is blocked. Let's hope Rudd throws off his conservative insticts about living out your full-term, and takes the opportunity to drive the stake thought he heart of this reality-avoiding Liberal opposition.

Bring it on. I really want to see these words of Tony Abbott come back to haunt him: "man-made climate change is crap". Yep, he said it, only to back peddle today after becoming leader, and claim that he was being hyperbolic at the time. Hyperbolic or hyper colic?

Anyway, if you want to know why the Liberal who spoiled their vote in the party room by writing "no" did so, Punch has just happened upon the secret diary of the offender.


VangelV said...

It seems to me that some of the Liberals might just care about the truth but it may just be a good political move.

Now that it is known that Australia's raw temperature data shows no warming and that there is no data to show much global warming since the 1930s the Liberals are making a bet that the electorate will see through the AGW lies. When the backlash comes during the next (or the following) election cycle the Liberals are hoping to cash in by reminding voters that they were the party of truth.

Wadard said...

VangelV, do you have any proof that "...it is known that Australia's raw temperature data shows no warming and that there is no data to show much global warming since the 1930s", or is this another one of your unfounded assertions?

Why would you just look at raw data, as well? Surely you would want to adjust the data to identify the signal from the noise, or is that beyond you - perhaps the act of climate conspiracy in your head?

Wadard said...

Mate - from now on it would be appreciated if you could back up your assertions with links to the peer-review literature or the like, if you are to continue posting here.

I don't mind a debate, in fact I enjoy intelligent ones, but GWW is not a platform for AGW denier propaganda.

Anonymous said...

How about looking up the heat index of CO2 vs O2 and N2. Hey what do you know!!!! Oxygen and Nitrogen mixed retains more heat than CO2!!! Amazingly simple chemistry!!! Are u guys morons or what? Or should I believe that one of the essential parts of life on this planet (which is in its lowest quantity in the atmosphere in the last 60 million yrs) is a poison?