Friday, October 29, 2010

AGW deniers' astroturfing campaign underway

First it was picked up in the MSM by Andrew Bolt, climate denial's Don Quixote.

Why are schools promoting this deceitful film?
Andrew Bolt
Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 11:46am

The film is error-riddled and alarmist, and the work of a prize hypocrite and deceiver who dodges any attempt to hold him to account. Even an otherwise sympathetic British judge says the film contains so many errors that it should not be used in classrooms without a health warning.

But in Australia....
But in Australia, the Education Department is introducing 'An Inconvenient Truth' into the national curriculum to teach students about environmental sustainability across all subjects.

This is what has Andrew Bolt, and other activist AGW deniers, rather exercised.

Other activist AGW deniers include Geoffrey Brown of the Climate Skeptic Party. They are really an astroturf outfit. As I shall show.

I have in my hot little hands, a few emails, forwarded to me by someone on his mailing list.
Fw: Re Schools Curricula and Al Gore
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----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Geoffrey Brown
To: Geoff Brown
Sent: Wed, 27 October, 2010 10:04:04 AM
Subject: Re Schools Curricula and Al Gore

G'day All

I find it very disturbing to read today that AL Gore's Science Fiction Movie is to be included in Australian Schools Curricula. I sure that you will remember that the British High Court ruled that it was Alarmist and contained nine significant errors. Mr Justice Burton......said that some of the claims were wrong and had arisen in “the context of alarmism and exaggeration”. Quotes from The Times which goes on to detail errors.

Today we read in the MSM that it is going to be included in the curricula of schools around the country. The reports include:

Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth included in school curriculum
There is an on-line poll on that Herald-Sun Page.

Climate change film An Inconvenient Truth for Australian schools

I suggest that we all write to the newspapers, but I also suggest that we contact MPs (at least your own local MP) and Senators. Lists attached.

How dare they!

How dare they educate the future's biggest stakeholders? Fancy that? So I am going to get all members of my AGW denial activist group to write to all and sundry pollies and complain, lists attached.

Then, I am going to get my winged monkeys to reverse newpaper polls:
TCS Thinkers and Writers

Hey all,

As Bill tells me: Another day another poll.
Do you think that Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth should be shown to Australian school children?

It's going the wrong way at the moment.


The wrong way for Geoff's "TCS Thinkers and Writers" is where it ended. But, he tried:

Poll: An Inconvenient Truth for schools

Do you think that Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth should be shown to Australian school children?





Total votes: 5133.


These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.

Related coverage

MPs divided on educational value of An Inconvenient Truth

The Climate Skeptics Party has just been caught out attempting to manipulate public opinion. Not by engaging in debate, but by trying to deceive the public about that debate.

And the account of their underhandedness has been preserved on the Intertubes Memory forever, particularly for interested students of the future to wonder at the motivations of such miserable people.


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Anonymous said...

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Malcolm Roberts said...
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To the misguided individual who unfortunately does not seem to feel a need to put her/his name to this blog.

Are you aware that to post some-one's private e-mail without permission of the author is an offence.

So, rather than name you as a criminal for this offence, I belatedly give you permission to reproduce the private e-mail that you have already published.

In future, if you receive and want to publish one of my private e-mails, please ask permission first.

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Unknown said...

I thought you might to see the truth, I do not understand how so many people can be brain washed by Al Core.