Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good news for global warming

Back again. My in-box brought me the good news that 85% of Indians believe global warming is an extremely important threat or important threat.

Dear author/editor of Global Warming Watch,

As a pre-eminent source of information and discussion forum on issues related to climate change, we thought you and your readers would be interested in a new poll of the Indian public released today on

The poll explores Indian public opinion on climate change with analysis by the experienced public opinion researchers at the Program on International Policy Attitudes.

Global warming attitudes in India

Only 26 percent endorse the view that "Less developed countries like India should not be expected to limit their emissions." Rather, a large majority, 69 percent, endorses the view that "All countries have a responsibility to make some efforts to limit their emissions."

That's good news because it exposes the arguement of the anti-Kyoto Protocol lobby who say that Australia and the US should ignore Kyoto as it will not work because large developing nations will not sacrifice growth to moderate the extemes of climate change. India is a democracy, is it not? There is further cause for optimism over India and America where both populations' attitudes to global warming responsibility show a striking degree of convergence.

My guess is that Mobil-Exxon will hate this research.

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