Friday, February 03, 2006

How Bush switched to grass.

MPR NewsRadio follows up President Bush's STFU switchgrass lead to discover more about it, and how switchgrass made it to the final draft of the President's speech. They contacted David Bransby, Professor of Energy Crops at Auburn University, Alabama:
MPR News: Do you have any idea of how switchgrass came to make it into the State of the Union ... what lobbyist or special interest group was putting it in there?

David Bransby: Well, our Senator Sessions from Alabama ...

MPR News: Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama?

David Bransby: Correct, yes, and I had a call from his office then had a few emails go backwards and forwards, and I just got one right before you called ... to say that it was a last minute inclusion in the speech, it was Senator Sessions who helped to get it in there.
Charlie Quimby examines President Bush's credentials as a warrior on oil addiction:

The Old Bait and Switchgrass

Clever headline!
Energy independence - 'breaking our dependence on imported oil ' is as heroic and challenging a goal as any we have fought for in the past.
- Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colorado)

I've already questioned the president's sincerity for making us fight for this heroic goal with the right hand of energy conservation tied behind our back. Now, it's time to ask how deep his commitment to investment in renewable energy technology really goes ... more ...
Across The Great Divide

NewsBlog5000 reckons Bush is Just Kidding about the Oil - that it is just a high-spirited yet harmless joke.
President Bush is known for his odd sense of humor. One of the oddest things the president does is insert jokes into the State of the Union address. This year the big joke was alternative energy. More:
Student Chinahand blogged it in real-time.

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