Saturday, July 29, 2006

Californian heatwave kills 132

Not long ago I read research that indicated that a heatwave in America similar to the one that killed so many Europeans, particularly French, would have similar outcomes in America. I blogged about it. :::[Global warming worse than 9/11 terror attacks]

The research has turned out to be prescient with the death toll from California's record-breaking heat wave reaching 132 on the first day in nearly two weeks that temperatures were expected to stay below 38 degrees Celsius across most of the US state. :::[SMH]

"This is unprecedented for the county," said Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services spokesman David Jones. The county, home to Modesto, typically sees one heat-related death a year, he said. On Friday, it reported 29.

The Central Valley bore the brunt of the heat wave with temperatures hitting 46 degrees Celsius. At least six Central Valley counties declared local states of emergency that allow farmers to bury livestock killed by the heat in landfills or on their own properties - disposal methods not normally allowed by state water laws.

Forty six degrees Celsius - those poor bastards. I know what 46 degrees Celsius is like; that what the temperature in Sydney hit on New Years day this year, and it is definitely not fun. :::[2006 starts with record temperature high].

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