Saturday, July 15, 2006

Upcoming USA Climate Change Awards 2006

While it is turning out to the hottest year on record for the United States, 2006 is also turning out to be a re-run of last year for Australia as has been blogged: :::[The Inaugural Aussie Climate Change Awards: 2005]. So many records broken, it was a roaring success yet, eerily, there weren't any winners. Propelled by the irresistible forces of globalisation Global Warming Watch will launch The Inaugural USA Climate Change Awards: 2006 as well as the Second Aussie Climate Change Awards: 2006.

Here is how the US field looks at half-time: :::[ABC News]

The first half of the year was the warmest on record for the United States. Average temperature for the 48 contiguous United States from January through June was 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit (1.9 degrees Celsius) above average for the 20th century at 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius).

That's a big effort by the oil companies who look like scooping the National Climatic Data Center Award for warmest such period since 1895, which all fans know is when recordkeeping began.

The Most Improved State Award is still anyone's call with Texas as sentimental favourite:

No state was cooler than average and five states Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri experienced record warmth for the period.

The Extreme Weather categories are being lead by the Northeast states in the precipitation sports, Rainfall and Flooding and Snowfall. Moderate-to-Extreme Drought class is heavily contested with 45% of the contiguous US now battling it out for the Best Team Effort Award, an increase of 6 percent over the May campaign.

A smokin' field.

The response from nature has been overwhelming with 50,000 wildfires burning more than 3 million acres keeping officials from the National Interagency Fire Center busy in the record books.

It promises to be an exciting second half with the new hurricane season coming up. Stay tuned.

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