Sunday, April 15, 2007

One Bolt doeth not a thunder-storm maketh

Climate change denial advocate, Andrew Bolt, doesn't know that the increase in average temperatures from around the globe, measured over time is what we commonly call "global warming". That's a lot of individual measurements, in the googles, yet he persistently claims to debunk the theory based on his observations of the temperature on any one day somewhere in the world. :::[Andrew Bolt Blog: Snowing on the warming parade]

Love the headline:

Snow won’t dampen global-warming rallies

And the story isn’t bad either:

The weather forecast for Saturday’s global warming rallies in Grand Rapids and Holland calls for snow and cold rain and temperatures in the 40s—about 10 degrees below normal.

For some, this might make global warming a tough sell.

It's a neat trick of the skeptics; I am sure it will get his regulars howling, "If they can't get a seven day weather forecast right, how can they get one of them one hundred years climate-model forecasts right, huh?".

Hmmm. Here's what global warming looks like as a snapshot of a real-time compilation of a gigantic network of ocean-borne sensors on bouys. The blue represents unexpected cooling, the yellow through to red represents unexpected temperature increase, and the white tells us that this area is as we would expect. As it should be. :::[The Age]
The absurdity of picking on a single temperature point somewhere in the world, "Grand Rapids and Holland", to support the "no-global warming" hypothesis; Yet Bolt soldiers on with his cunning brand of mendacity.

This is what one of his regular commenters, Nobull Warning, posted to the "Boltmoderators bouncing his blog", and then emailed me saying, "just in case it doesn't get posted, would I...?".

Dear Andrew,

The snowmaster speaks. This bit caught my attention...
"... but if we're really reasonable about it, we're not talking about individual weather on individual days," Locke said. "We're talking about something much larger, on a global scale, which science has been tracking for decades."
Funny that, a cultist calling for reason.

I thought the journo was ok, but a bit fuzzy with this line.
Opponents in the debate say natural events such as solar activity are causing the warm-up.
Everyone knows there are no opponents in the scientific debate, and as for the media debate, well that's just a pr smog job.

Nobull Warning from Leichhardt

Would I?

It wasn't the Bolt Moderators who roughly bounced me out his blog, it was the big man himself. Totally unreasonably too, I thought. Figures.

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