Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rupert backs Rudd: St Kevin's Kyoto coronation

In early 1066, an ambitious bloke called Guillaume le Bâtard (William the Bastard) left his dukedom to flick off to Rome and clear his regal ambitions with the pope of the day, Alexander II. Later that year, having being blessed in battle where he had flown the papal banner, Bâtard changed his name. History now knows of him as William the Conqueror, King of England.

I'm pretty sure nobody called him "bastard" again.

Guillaume was a tough and resilient man, smart and wily, but so too was his adversary, King Harold II. No worthy historian should underestimate the value of papal blessings when realms revise.

Yesterday an ambitious bloke called Saint Kevin (Aussie irony that approximates to 'bastard') left his dominion to flick off to New York and clear his prime ministerial ambitions with the patriarch of today's Anglosphere, Murdoch II.

'Tis a well beaten path that Kevvie le Heavy troddeth; the carbon footprints of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and George W. Bush can't be too hard to miss. As a punter our fellow has form; so did Rupert give Rudd his papal banner? :::[SMH]

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch has endorsed Labor leader Kevin Rudd, saying he would make a good Australian prime minister.

Mr Rudd met for a one-hour private meeting with Mr Murdoch at the News Corporation's New York headquarters today, but the meeting was extended when the pair decided to have dinner together at a local restaurant.

When I was in sales I would always try to schedule my most important meeting for 11 am, just on the off-chance that my prospect enjoyed food. With this life lesson satisfactorily under above my belt I can confidently asset the following -- whomever Pope Murdoch breaketh bread with can consider themselves anointeth:

Channel Seven reported that when asked if Mr Rudd would make a good prime minister, Mr Murdoch replied "Oh, I'm sure."

I would love to see how the bookmakers odds changed after His three words. So -- Roopy is sure of Kevvie? Why is this good news for those concerned about global warming?

Mr Rudd has met with US government officials and business leaders and yesterday addressed the prestigious left-wing thinktank, The Brookings Institution.

In his wide-ranging speech on the Australia-US alliance, Mr Rudd urged the United States to ratify the Kyoto protocol, and said the economic potential of the relationship with China for both Australia and the US was great.

The Kyoto Protocol runs to 2012, but we two countries have been the hold-outs to date -- joining at this late stage can achieve less in terms of practice, but it is still very symbolic and very important that Australia, and hopefully the US, signs up. It's like playing cards with a full deck. Certainly, in the coal-coked context of Australian (and US) politics, Rudd has taken a bloody courageous stance, but the Murdoch imprimatur helps heaps. Good on you.

I'm pretty sure no one will call him 'Saint Kevin' again, definitely after December.

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Jaraparilla said...

You worked in Sales???


What really bugs me about Murdoch is that he will just sail through all this with his hands unbloodied.

We might DREAM of getting Bush, Blair and Howard behind bars one day (yeah right) but nobody even DREAMS that the big time war profiteers like Murdoch will ever be forced to repay their ill-gotten gains.

Perhaps the best we can hope for is that the NEXT generation of politicians learn from Murdoch and are able to execute a quick volte-face whenever harsh realities demand it. This current mob has no idea.

Wadard said...

6 years - corporate telecommunications.

Wadard said...

I just think murdoch has the world's best toy and he is not afraid to take it out and play.