Saturday, October 20, 2007

UK scientists defend Gore film

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Two of the UK's leading climate scientists have hit out at the judge who made the controversial ruling last week on Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth
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Professor Chris Rapley, head of the Science Museum (and also a Gore science adviser) and Professor John Shepherd from the National Oceanography Centre accuse the judge of misleading the public by ruling that Gore had made "errors".
The professors have no grouse with Mr Justice Burton's main conclusion that Al Gore's film should be accompanied by guidance notes in class. And they agree that Gore presented some climate extreme scenarios.
the judge's comments themselves were liable to misinterpretation.
He put the word "errors" in inverted commas because the points were debatable rather than wrong. But the professors say the judge should have known the error word would be repeated in the media without its inverted commas.
They say in general Gore's film presented an exceptionally high standard of scientific accuracy
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Will he deign to join the President race? A worthy film for helping the Americans wake up to the urgency of the situation.