Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Over my head, under my bridge

GWW loves serious questions from our resident troll, and will answer them the best we can.
BTW, please provide links to the Climate change computer models THAT WERE DEVELOPED IN THE 70's, 80'S AND 90'S THAT PREDICTED THE CURRENT GLOBAL COLLING TREND.

...or even ANY Climage change computer model built today that can be applied to historical temperature changes. You know, as a computer programmer, I verify that my program is working correctly by plugging in historical data that I know the results for and verifying that my program produces these results.... This is a concept called "Expected Results Analysis".

Where is the Expected Results Analysis for all the Computer AGW Models? Can't seem to find them anywhere!
Just not now. Just give me some time, dude. I'll ping some hackers I know and see if we can get the Expected Results Analysis you're looking for.

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Unknown said...

:) ahhh - promises promises.

Unknown said...

Jeez - the AGW Pope, Al Gore just loves to make my points for me:

Al Gore Calls Myanmar Cyclone a 'consequence' of Global Warming.

All things are evidence of AGW. How 'zen'...how... silly :)

Hasn't anyone told him that his acolytes have just trotted out the latest:

Global Warming May Spur Wind Shear, Sap Hurricanes

To account for the lack-luster hurricane season last year... (of course, the 'katrina' hurricane season was totally a consequence of global warming, right? wait... I'm confused...what are we believing this week?

:)... I just report... I couldn't make this stuff up :).