Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dissecting the brain of an AGW denier #2

This brain belongs to Cory Bernardi:

They said ...

Senator Cory Bernardi, Liberal, South Australia: "This ETS [emissions trading scheme] will also fundamentally change the way our legal system operates. It reverses some important legal concepts such as presumption of innocence, the right to remain silent, the burden of proof and protection from self-incrimination." Altogether after me: Huh?

OK, this is the same CPRS bill that has practically caused the once proud Liberal opposition to split in two as they try to process it. Pretty strong magic, huh? Imagine what it can do if enacted? Maybe gradually help us gain control over the rate of co2 we put into the atmosphere? Just a passing thought.


VangelV said...

This blog may be more credible if it actually spent more time and energy on the CRU revelations rather than take shots at people who turned out to be right about the non-problem of global warming.

Wadard said...

What revelations? A beat up doth not revelations make. You are going to need in proof here, VangelV. You know that.

Anonymous said...

Wake up all you global warming believers. It aint happening. Spend some time studying the research real climatologists have done and be prepared to accept that;1; There is no proof of global warming- only climate change(as always throughout history)
2; There is no proof that humans have any affect on climate change
3; Al Gore had a lot to gain financially if everyone were to pay carbon taxes
4; Mainstream news media have constantly distorted the truth in favor of the global warming scam

I have read many articles written from both sides but find the research better documented and more logical amongst those who stand against the global warming bunch(OK so they caved in a bit and most of them only call it climate change now because the facts are clear there is no global warming)
Look after our planet--yes
Penalise people on carbon emissions-- No