Thursday, November 26, 2009

Send world leaders at Copenhagen your thoughts

A penny planet for your thoughts.

Send a digital postcard with your personal climate greeting to the world leaders. Greetings will be displayed on the official website of and on screens in the conference area during COP15.

And if you have a blog, link the website and the greeting facility; as we already know from the carbon pollution pickle we find ourselves in -- every little bit counts.


Anonymous said...

I think the whole global warming issue is the biggest hoax the world government can pull on the people of the world to create a one world government and one world curancy once the Copenhagen tritty is signed by borac obama the united stayed is do for communism and all us Americans will be no more no freedom them the rest is in the bible the we will be for forced to carry the mark of the beast and the rest is in the bible god gives and blesses us with the knowlege we have but be we humans instead of embracing it abuse it with our technology because of greed apnd to make life easier we are gonna be the only species and creation to have been out own self distruction give it all to god and worship him and gloify him only for the worlds sake and lean not on your own understandings godbless all that are involved in this treaty I hope god is in your hearts and u will say no to this treaty it will be an end to a free world and a governed world will only be ruled by satin himself

Wadard said...

My goodness!! If how you spell is an indication of how you think... that explains your nonesense.

Anonymous said...

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