Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How climate denial really works

Desmogblog carries the results of Stanford study which shows how including a "skeptic" view to balance a climate science news report affects the audience.
Providing climate skeptics a voice in “balanced” mainstream media coverage skews public perception of the scientific consensus regarding climate change, leaving viewers less likely to understand the threat of climate disruption and less likely to support government actions to address global warming, according to the results of a Stanford University research effort.
That is, just by being in the same report, the fringe can be seen as more respectable.


VangelV said...

There is no consensus position. The IPCC report is full of errors and there is still no empirical evidence that can show that much of the warming since the end of the Little Ice Age was caused by human emissions of CO2. In fact, there is no independent verification of the temperature trend that has been reported by the IPCC. Phil Jones just admitted that no independent reviewer has been able to get the same result by using the original surface temperature data. He claimed that 'climate scientists' and reviewers were not interested in looking at original data and were happy to deal with his value added figures that CRU had supplied.

I wonder how long it would take for you to finally admit that the AGW 'science' has been a scam all along. My guess is that the way things are falling apart it won't take that long. Hopefully you will be man enough not to blame others because the postings make it clear that you prefer a faith based position to one that is based on the scientific method and truth.

Anonymous said...

I see "VangelV" is up to his old denialist talking-points.

I schooled him months ago, and he clearly hasn't learned a thing.

Paul said...

Denying global warming is foolish and dangerous

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