Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our problem is climate change is not our problem

"... it is hard to make people value the long-term future as much as the immediate future."

and other pearls of wisdom from the mind of Lord Rees of Ludlow, astrophysicist and Astronomer Royal, can be found here.

"Global warming poses a unique political challenge for two reasons. First, the effect is non-localised: the CO2 emissions from Britain have no more effect here than they do in Australia, and vice versa. That means any credible regime whereby the polluter pays has to be broadly international.

"Secondly, in politics, the urgent always trumps the important, and one has to accept that the consequences of climate change will be predominantly felt more than 50 years from now. It is not going to produce disasters in the next 10 or 20 years, so it is an investment in the interest of the next generation.

So, what do we tell our kids? "Sorry, but it was always going to be your problem anyway."?


Yello Bean said...

Another view point

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North Jersey Air Systems said...

Hard to make people understand how the climate change is affecting and harming us.But there are big companies and brands coming forward for help and I am sure people would understand.

I Care My Earth said...

Yes most of the people do not want to take this issue seriously...even if companies and brands are coming forward its not enough

because only few big companies and brands cannot change every human's mind.

we need more people to come forward against this issue.

All are busy in making money but money cannot buy us new planet.

Mostly this companies are only responsible for global warming and other many things which are making earth a Unhealthy place to live.

Why no importance is given to Earth?---because we are Busy

Rebecca said...

You have a great blog here. I love the posts. Pretty enlightening.

Is there any way I can contact you other than this form? I would be delighted to hear from you.

jdodge12 said...

I want to here of few new ways to help with this problem. where I live at there is ton of co2. so you guys think there is way to get there big places to help with this?

Sarena said...

@I care my earth

I agree with you. I don't know what's on the mind of the people who don't want to take the issue of global warming seriously. Actually all the effects of global warming is a threat to all of us and that is not a joke.

We should also be aware of how we consume energy in our everyday life and how it terribly affects our environment. The use of fossil fuel in producing electricity is one of the many reasons why we are experiencing global warming, and one way to resolve this is to use an alternative source of energy like solar and wind energy that never contribute to carbon emission.

Texas electricity, for example, is produced by Texas electricity suppliers using clean natural resources like wind, solar and water which are also known as renewable energy.

dining table said...

People are confused if global warming is really that serious because many are still doing the same old actions.

garima said...

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Unknown said...

And what supports all this is junk science. The change will be so slow we will adapt without issue. I just can't believe in climate change just yet.

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Carbon sequestration needs to be addressed along multiple fronts at once, but I think the biggest hinderance to any forward progress is simple public opinion. Sadly, there won't be a change in denial until those who do so find themselves wearing Hawaiian shirts in the arctic.