Friday, December 16, 2005

Software: World map with rising sea levels

animated screendump of images from rising sea levels map generator
Theorising rising sea levels drowned Atlantis drove Dutch Douwe Osinga to write a program to create coastlines maps at various water levels. One expects the Dutch to be more interested than most in this subject of sea levels rising I guess.

Interesting site. Check out his blog as well. See what a Google Europe geek does with his spare time when not writing rising sea levels simulators.

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Unknown said...

I'm sorry - but I believe that the earth's temp is PRIMARILY driven by variations in the Sun's output.

If EVERY CAR/TRUCK/PLANE/ELECTRIC POWER PLANT was turned off TODAY, I do not believe it would change the 'global climate' - sea levels will go up and go down...and there is NOTHING humanity can do about it.

Again, this does NOT mean that humans should not attempt to clean up their messes, and it does not mean that humans cannot severely damage areas.

BTW, I like your blog...and I see you're trying hard to NOT inject 'feelings' and 'emotionalism'...

Take care... hope things are settling down 'down under'. Have a Merry (insert preferred winter holiday here)! :):)

(btw, finally replied to your reply in a previous post but think it went in as anonymous by accident...take care!)

Wadard said...


Thanks for your comments - it is true the sun's output varies and it is one of the causes of global warming.

But the earth's ability to reflect this heat energy back out to space is also another. And that is where greenhouse gasses like Co2 come into play. The more Co2 in the atmosphere the more the sun's reflected light energy gets trapped on the way back out to space and converts to heat energy.

If EVERY CAR/TRUCK/PLANE/ELECTRIC POWER PLANT was turned off TODAY there would be less C02 in the atmosphere and thus this would slow down the rate of global warming.

Trouble is Co2 stays in the atmosphere for decades and decades and decades so it would be a long time before C02 levels were down to pre-industrial revolution times.

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