Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks, eat your heart out

I may soon have in my hands hot evidence that suggests The Climate Sceptic (TCS) party is not a political party, but a covert black-pr operation designed to influence the public into thinking there is more support for the denial of the science of climate change than there really is.

In the meantime, this morning I have been sent the following mass-broadcast email from my tame and obedient TCS leaker; it's self-explanatory, really:
Will the real TROLL stand up?

G'day all

There is a traitor in our midst.

Do you know that the people calling us deniers are to be despised. They are using a term to hint at Holocaust deniers. In fact, they are the deniers.
The AGW hypothesis has been falsified, but they deny it. They tried to eliminate the MWP and the LIA in a denial effort with their flawed hockeystick.

What cretins! And the idiot posting cannot even spell.

Now, one among their number is among this contact list. He is handing my emails on to the REAL DENIERS, the promoters of the flawed AGW hypothesis.

Not Happy.....

I notice that Geoff seems not to be happy, but this is his own fault, and I hear that some people are just like that. If he wants to roll about in the stench of 'Holocaust denial' and complain that he is being linked to this disgusting phenomena when I call him and his ilk "AGW deniers", or "science-deniers", then that is his own victimisation at play here and I take no back-step.

I am only interested in the accuracy of my language, not the histrionics of the AGW denial movement and their shame at their own reason-adverse tactics. The Shoah stands in its own category and shouldn't be used as a gambit by AGW deniers.

Mr Brown and his winged monkeys, and his 'party' are AGW deniers, not sceptics, because a sceptic is one who comes to their conclusion after full consideration of all the facts. In this case the facts are found in the body of peer-reviewed, climate science journals. And we know that deniers go there like vampires go to church.


Geoff Brown replies on behalf of TCS, in comments. He's in a topsy-turvey upside-down space, where the cart pulls the horse when the sun rises in the west, at the moment:
Geoff Brown said...

Hey Ted, (or is it ShyTed?)

What makes you think I am not happy? If you want to illegally post my correspondence, go ahead.

All I opst is the TRUTH.

So, by posting my emails, you are spreading the TRUTH amongst your denialists. Is that not great, or what?

Spread ing the truth to your deniers makes me very happy.

Yhanks ShyTed~!

Ted, huh? How did you know, Geoff? I realise you are lining-up for the standard ad hominem tactic favoured by professional AGW deniers and, pop - "ShyTed".

But you are in upside-down land at the moment so really it's "Bold". That is, "BoldTed"where the first 'd' is silent. You know... as in, "It's no use giving me your permission to publish your mass-broadcast emails, because that horse has BoldTed!"

As for why I think you are "not happy", why you say so yourself at the bottom of your 'traitor' email I posted above. I know you are not into evidence-based reasoning, but having said so, then reinforced it with the name-calling, "Troll", "cretin", "despised", "idiot", "ShyTed", etc., makes me think you are unhappy.

Either way, you are still RudeTed. With the first 'd' being silent of course.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A professional climate denier replies

I have received a nice comment from Geoff Brown of the Climate Skeptic Party (TCS) astroturfing outfit in my comments section of my piece about their covert astroturfing campaign:
Blogger Geoff Brown said...

To the misguided individual who unfortunately does not seem to feel a need to put her/his name to this blog.

I invoke the time-honoured WWW (Woof Woof Woof) defence: On the Internet, know one knows you are a dog. It seems you are not up with the protocol, Geoff. What cave have you been living in?

So, what is your defence for siccing your winged monkeys onto websites and newspaper letters pages, and radio shows and telling them what to say? Do you think it's ethical?

Are you aware that to post some-one's private e-mail without permission of the author is an offence.

So, rather than name you as a criminal for this offence, I belatedly give you permission to reproduce the private e-mail that you have already published.

In future, if you receive and want to publish one of my private e-mails, please ask permission first.

1:36 PM EST
Pffft. Soft. So soft you would think it's double-ply.

I'm not sure that a broadcast email to your network of agitating winged monkeys, on behalf of the "political party", TCS, can be considered private, Geoff, when the intent is that the winged monkeys get your emails published multiple times.

Even if so, I am not worried about my legal position here.

I claim 'truth' and 'public interest' in my publishing the emails you sent on behalf of TCS, and all the ones from your organisation that I have been promised by my source. (Readers, please keep coming back).

Yep, all emails that you mass-broadcast in order to inspire (what I believe are activist winged monkeys) to republish in letters to the editors of newspapers.

I believe that all voting Australians should know that there is an organised, orchestrated attempt by AGW deniers to mislead the public into thinking there is a big support for anthropogenic climate denial. Particularly when the misleaders are entering state politics. That is, the beneficiaries of this campaign are not the grass-roots, but... well... you... and the other nine candidates of TSC. Tut, tut.

Talking about offence though, I do take offence at what I regard as cheap duplicity, hence my going public. Do you know that your behaviour is proscribed by every reputable public relations company and PR industry association? Do you realise the murky practice of Astroturfing has a been long-tarred with the pro-smoking brush, for example? You know, those proto-deniers whose actions you mimic.

So, thank you for your kind permission to publish your emails (and the long bow it came with) but I don't need it for the future.