Thursday, May 04, 2006

US government confirms realiness of global warming.

When the Bush Administration was asked to acknowledge the scientific mainstream consensus that anthropogenic global warming was a real and present danger that needed attention, they chose to commission their own study to establish the truthiness or untruthiness of this pesky issue before taking an obvious course of avoidance.

Well results are in:

A scientific study commissioned by the Bush administration concluded yesterday that the lower atmosphere was indeed growing warmer and that there was "clear evidence of human influences on the climate system."

The White House did not blink in the face of this further confirmation of a decade of scientific consensus:

The finding eliminates a significant area of uncertainty in the debate over global warming, one that the administration has long cited as a rationale for proceeding cautiously on what it says would be costly limits on emissions of heat-trapping gases.

But White House officials noted that this was just the first of 21 assessments planned by the federal Climate Change Science Program, which was created by the administration in 2002 to address what it called unresolved questions.

They have 20 more chances to prove their global warming realiness was right all along. This lot is clever eh? The first one took four years - they will have the report concluded in the year 2086. Can't say they are not earning their fossil-fuel industry donations with that taxpayer funded research masterpiece.

Source :::[NYT: Federal Study Finds Accord on Warming]
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