Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cannes Lions: Y&R Gore forum upsized by demand

If an ad agency can't toot it's own horn, who can?

Not everyone is playing in tune, though.

Already, some Australian ad industry executives have taken a shot at Mr McLennan's new green credentials. "Tell Hamish Patts in Sydney has left its lights on," quipped executive chairman Euro RSCG South Pacific Group Tom Moult last week.
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AUSTRALIAN expat and the global chief executive of Y&R, Hamish McLennan, has hit pay dirt this week at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival with his agency's decision to
fly in climate change poster boy Al Gore to address the industry on Friday.

Festival organisers have been forced to change the venue for the Y&R-Gore forum to the biggest venue in Cannes, the 2200-seat Grand Auditorium, and set up a live video feed to another 1800-seat venue in order to accommodate the expected demand from the 8000
festival delegates.

Mr McLennan struck up a relationship with Mr Gore late last year after offering to create a global ad campaign on climate change to support the Live Earth music concerts, which will be staged on seven continents on July 7.

"Y&R has shown real insight to bring Al Gore here," said Cannes Lions executive chairman Terry Savage. "Climate change is a real issue for the industry. Al Gore understands the power of the global marketing business."

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