Friday, April 21, 2006

71% of Australians want to fight global warming

If 71 percent of Australians believe it is time to start addressing the consequence of global warming, and if we are growing at .8 percent per month there will be a political consequence for politicians uncommitted to action. By January 2007, the start of a federal election year, we will have 75.8 percent of Australians saying we should be taking actions to fight global warming at this rate.

So expect a lot of activity by the fossil-fuel lobby groups. Expect our opinion pages to be saturated with the sentiments of climate 'scientists' venturing that 'global warming is natural', but don't call then scientists unless they have also had their claims peer-reviewed and published in respected scientific journals. Disregard any opinion maker's suggestion of hubris, that it is an arrogance to imagine that mankind can affect our global climate, for it is a parched earth that the meek shall inherit.

Expect economists to opine that reducing emissions will damage economic growth. Expect evidence lite economics. Point out that the smart side of the business side of town has calculated that Australia can reduce emissions by the magic 60% of 1990 levels by 2005 without sacrificing the economy. Maybe just a few politicians, and an oil company exec or two, that's all.

And expect Wadard to be taking the fight to these global warming skeptics, renting their myths apart like cheap fabric to expose their fallacies and threadbare logic.

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