Saturday, December 02, 2006

Global Cool Watch: Mug a global warming skeptic

Very hot.

This Christmas, give someone you love the gift of foresight and give them a Global Warming Mug.

Each mug is covered with a map of the world. When you pour in a hot beverage, the mug shows what happens when the world heats up and the oceans begin to rise... Land mass disappears before your very eyes! :::[Wacky Planet]

h/t Nexus 6

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Nexus 6 said...

More on Bolt's most recent sillyness at Nexus 6 too:

Wadard said...

Good - the more he is exposed - the less he can poison people with his professional lies.

Anonymous said...

1. Though there is evidence both for and against the existence of a detectable anthropogenic signal in
the tropical cyclone climate record to date, no firm conclusion can be made on this point.
2. No individual tropical cyclone can be directly attributed to climate change.

Came out of WMO but mainstream media missed it. Hmmm . . . 125 of the world's leading scientists cannot be wrong.

Makes for an inconvenient truth.

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