Sunday, December 10, 2006

Prophets of Hope preach sanity, War on Terror officially over in the UK

Battersea Power Station became the focus for an intelligent global warming protest statement on November 1st, highlighting the threat of climate change relative to terrorism.

Two pieces of projected text read "How ironic to live in fear of terrorism and die of climate change" and "The ultimate terror threat is climate change". The projections were carried out by a group calling themselves The Prophets of Hope. Global Warming Watch's own straw poll in the sidebar shows that 69.2% of people nominate global warming as their biggest fear, vs global terror at 18.8% and global pandemic at 12%.

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H/t: Calvin Jones of Climate Change Action

In a sign of the times, not long ago this would have been seen as radical action, and on the margin, but events are moving fast these days, and the Prophet of Hope message is quickly becoming mainstream and at least the bit about terrorism has become the subject of British Government action, even if the Stern Report didn't. :::[SMH: Britain to drop 'war on terror' usage]

Britain's foreign affairs ministry has urged government officials to stop using the US term "war on terror" amid concerns it angers British Muslims and undermines government aims, a weekly newspaper said today.

The government wants to "avoid reinforcing and giving succour to the terrorists' narrative by using language that, taken out of context, could be counter-productive", a British Foreign Office spokesman told The Observer newspaper.

The Foreign Office has sent the same message to cabinet ministers as well as diplomats and other government representatives around the world, according to the report.

"We tend to emphasise upholding shared values as a means to counter terrorists," the spokesman was quoted as saying.

Many British officials and experts, the weekly said, suspect that Islamist extremists find it easier to recruit followers when western governments speak of a war on terror, by suggesting it is actually a war against Islam.

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What a crock your site is! Doubt you're dumb & naive, more likely overfunded by Soros money.
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