Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Global warming mind-map

Someone has drawn up a pretty good mind-map for the global warming mindful . :::[Breakfast Lunch Dinner]

I don't know about the only having two kids, though. If people want to and have the means to have more children, that's their business. And they can carbon off-set their kids if they so choose, or even calculate them in as carbon sinks when working out their carbon footprints - all carbon based life is a carbon sink. As for eating less meat? I don't know about that either. I eat a little less of it anyway, for health reasons, but I love it. And if a cow we eat is a net carbon-sink, despite being a huge greenhouse contributor, then I figure that I am doing my bit to fight global warming by sinking my teeth into a giant t-bone steak.

June 24, 2007.

That someone has contacted me, a Jane Genovese. It was her and her mum who drew the mind-map, and she runs a company giving students tools to study, called Learning Fundamentals. I am so pleased to be able to credit both of you - it's a great piece of work, and very popular.

Read Jane Genovese bio here (turns out she's Aussie also), and she has some great workshop resources to help young people educate themselves on the most important environmental issue the world is facing (Global Warming: Too Hot to Handle?).

From Jane's email:

I have updated the mindmap with some new information.
You can see it at


You mentioned that you didn't agree with the 'have only
2 children' part on the mindmap. We decided to put this
in as exponential population growth contributes largely
to global warming.

Keep up the great work,

Jane Genovese


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Anonymous said...

The map looks interesting but I am not sure this is enough. We should first get the whole picture: past, present and future status of the climate. Do we know what lead us to this situation? Are we forgeting the wars we fought against humanity and also against climate? It is not fair that we are paying for our ancesters' actions, but future generations will pay for our mistakes if we don't do something now. Check a view on climate change at http://www.1ocean-1climate.com. There is a thesis on Naval War changes Climate, written by Arnd Bernaerts.