Sunday, March 19, 2006

Exxon lobby watch

If global warming is anthropogenic, then it really is ignorance that is killing off climatic stability. So who traffics in this petrocarbon ignorance? The same company that made record profits in 2004 and 2005; Exxon-Mobil, also known as Esso, Exxon and Mobil around the world:
Between 1998 and 2004, ExxonMobil gave more than $US15 million to organizations working to undermine domestic and international efforts to cut global warming pollution.
It is worth keeping in mind that the same year that saw a US corporate record profit for ExxonMobil at $US36.2 billion, we also had the globe's hottest year on record, and the second greatest global CO2 emissions rate increase in 2005.

Are these three facts connected? Well here is a chunky resource that references the fruits of ExxonMobil's exxtreme efforts to make sure the three remain unrelated for the general public: Exxon Secrets is a well researched project that identifies the Exxon funded pro fossil fuel lobby and their orchestrated assaults on science and truth. Some Sydney Morning Herald Newsblog commenters are classic examples of how well this assault is working:
i love reading all these storie's about polution and all the crap that the greens and gov are feeding us meanwill the real problem does not get a meantion .planet earth is warming up from the inside and wether we reduce polution or not won't make any difference the only way is to find a other planet to live on.

* Posted by: john
In my humble view, the real problem is this pervasive ignorance. We will start to mitigate global warming induced climate-change when we mitigate this ignorance. For many spending their hard-earned on petrol (gas)is not practically avoidable.

But you are indeed a mug if you also buy their bullshit.

Other links: Global Warming Watch: Exxpose Exxon. This is a bit of fun.

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