Saturday, March 18, 2006

Global warming bloggers and virtual marchers.

Curious about the blogging buzz around global warming I checked the Blog Trend Tool at Icerocket and discovered the Kyoto treaty is not dead. Especially when you look at the competition, the AP6. Click on the graphs for a clearer representation.
Kyoto Protocol not dead for bloggers
I am interested in how bloggers write about global warming so I also compared the terms global warming vs climate change vs emissions. They are remarkably closely linked in bloggers' minds:

I also discovered this compelling video (while signing up for the virtual march on Washington) by BLUE MAN GROUP, who are marchers at I really commend the organisers of the global warming virtual march for their success so far (almost half a million marchers), and I joined in on their virtual touring march to Washington because many readers of Global Warming Watch are American, and I was hoping some would sign up and be heard. Click on this link for further information, or you can join up directly from the sidebar.

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