Tuesday, May 09, 2006

$500 million to restore health of Murray River

Today's federal budget will see $500 million paid to the Murray-Darling Basin Commission to save the ailing Murray River. It is the largest cash injection in 10 years and brings the federal government's total commitment to the great river to $2 billion when it is paid by the end of this financial year. It will be spent on projects aimed at fully restoring the Murray's health, from its Queensland and NSW sources to its mouth in South Australia: Source: :::[SMH]

  • Salt interception along the river to help reduce salinity levels;
  • The sea-to-Hume Dam fishway, which aims to replenish native fish stocks by giving them free access from the ocean to the Hume Dam on the NSW-Victorian border;
  • Building new water pumping stations, as well as upgrading existing ones; and
  • Sending an extra 500 billion litres of water annually down the river by 2009.

The money comes with no strings attached but the states will be encouraged to contribute funds of their own. If you as an individual want to do something and at the same time offset your carbon emissions, Greenfleet Australia will invest your offsets into their extensive native revegetation program aimed at rehabilitating the banks of the Murray.

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