Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ford gas guzzlers to live here on Aussie welfare

Fifty million Australian taxpayer dollars are going to be used to bail out an ailing American car company, Ford, to design petrol-hungry vehicles: :::[SMH].

With the trend to lower emissions, more petrol-efficient cars this taxpayer wonders why the Howard government is lurching from one ad-hoc motor vehicle industry corporate aid package to another. Ford's own PR is a bit worrying:

Ford's public affairs manager, Sinead McAlary, said Ford's future was "absolutely not" in doubt. "It's not actually a bail-out at all - it's an investment and we very much appreciate the support of the Government," she said.

Now if we were to produce flex-fuel vehicle at least there will be growth prospects for the 'investment', and longer term security for the 273 new Australian jobs Howard claims will be created. Why is he behaving like petrol is going to be cheaper in the future?

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