Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Murray money wasted when climate changes

The $2 billion spent by the Australian Federal Government to restore the ailing health of Australia's longest river, the Murray, will be money wasted, say Greenpeace Australia, because we are not addressing the major threat to the river's future health, that of climate change.

Danny Kennedy, a spokesman for Greenpeace took the occasion of Treasurer Peter Costello's 11th budget speech to point out the government's denial about global warming is the greatest identifiable risk to Australia's future.

"The treasurer certainly seems to be aware that climate change
is hurting Australians and our economy, yet still no mention of
climate change followed.

"In fact, in 11 years, Mr Costello still hasn't managed to say
the words in a budget speech."

He pointed out that Mr Costello had "unwittingly" acknowledged the cost of climate change by giving $260 million in relief to businesses and farmers sufferning from Tropical Cyclone Larry. For too long this government has externalised the costs of cheap energy, Larry won't be the last extreme weather event to hit population areas or farmland. Source: :::[The Age]

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