Monday, May 22, 2006

ExxonMobil funds global warming spoofer

Being a discredited former NASA climate scientist pays when it comes to picking hobbys, if your hobby happens to be writing a web site spoofing 'global warming alarmism'. Roy W. Spencer's gets 43,000 page views a month satirising the bad news about global warming, and he gets paid to write for TCS Daily, a science and public policy thinktank that receives funds from ExxonMobil.

He is the scientist who has been responsible for amost two decades of confusion and controversy over the disparity between satellite temperatures and surface temperatures. His research showing the Earth was warming more slowly than surface temperature readings would indicate. He won NASA's Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal in 1991 for that work, but this month a government study concluded there was no statistical difference between the two climate records, finally clearing the air (or allowing us to move in that direction).

His other hobby? He's a god-rock-god:

He's lead guitarist in a contemporary Christian rock band at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Huntsville. (His environmentalist-mocking alternative lyrics to Supertramp's "Give a Little Bit": "I'll take a little bit, I'll take a little bit of your wealth from you/So give a little bit, oh, give a little more than a dime to me.")

Oh, one of them "the Lord wants us to be rich" Christians? Just wait till the money tables have turned on you. :::[Washington Post]

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