Sunday, November 04, 2007

Californian dreaming of massive plankton CO2 sequestering

Global warming is going to be fought and solved in myriads of ways, and enterprise is going to be one one the the major players. Here is one possible way to fight global warming developed by a Californian eco-restoration firm, Planktos — by restoring marine plankton levels to 1980 levels.

A Californian firm has found a way of re-oxygenating the world’s oceans, which it firmly believes will help combat global warming. Using the latest technology, leading eco-restoration firm, Planktos, is planning to replenish the sea’s floating plankton forests, which absorb half the Earth’s carbon dioxide and generate half the Earth’s oxygen.

Simply restoring the marine plankton that has been lost since 1980 could sink and sequester billions of tons of carbon dioxide each year. It can also regenerate billions of tons of lost ocean nourishment for collapsing fisheries, birds and whales.
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