Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rudd wins Australian Federal Election on Green vote

Well, that is it. The Australian electorate so convincingly repudiated the meanness and pettiness that became there trademark of the Howard Liberal government. Some rejected Howard's attack on refugees, and their inhumane detention centres. Some rejected the lies, and broken core-promise/non core-promise distinctions. Some rejected the way Hicks was treated in Gitmo Bay. WMB. Many rejected the way we went into the Iraq war, and as many rejected the unneeded assault on workers conditions going by the Orwellian Worchoices name.

For me, it was some of the above, but mainly, mainly because Australia will finally ratify Kyoto, and take our place among the responsible nations of the world committed to taking on the challenge of climate change. All the other stuff will seem like the trivial concerns of humans if we don't take up the fight to minimise global warming, and win.

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Wawny said...

Global warming is a fact of life and has been part of the Earth since it started. As much as I hate waste and seeing all the crap being pumped into the atmosphere, we are not responsible. Human/Industrial/Farm activities pump 0.3% of global warming stuff into the atmosphere. By the way, CO2 is not a global warming gas compared to methane and water vapour.
Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' is purely an advertising film for his carbon credit company. His surgical use of statistics is astounding. The planet has 10x the CO2 content and it was no hotter (during the dinosaur era), the climate has been 5degC hotter and survived. 1970's everyone was concerned that we were in Global Cooling. There are some 45 different factors affecting our climate ranging from the sun, orbital factors, etc, etc. Kyoto hasn't had any significant effect, however I guess it's a start.

Wawny said...

Amend line to read "The planet has HAD 10x ...."