Saturday, November 10, 2007

UK law mandates 60% emissions cuts by 2050

Good effort by the UK Government under Gordon Brown — becoming the first nation in history to put carbon emissions reductions into law.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has committed the UK to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60% before 2050 to help tackle global warming.

While the bill will also enforce reductions of greenhouse gas emissions of between 26% and 32% by 2020, Mr Brown previously said he would consult the new committee to see if bigger reductions were required.


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. I just hope more countries would emulate his fine example by enacting such legislation.

McQ said...

This shows the arrogance of man to think that they can be the key to climate change. Maybe next we should focus on changing the rotation of planets.

Anonymous said...

MCQ - you are a meek idiot if you think we don't - I give you the hole in the ozone layer as proof of your idiocy.

McQ said...

Name calling proves one thing. You can't prove you point with fact or reason.

Anonymous said...

Of course I can, and with name calling. The simple logical point that if everyone lived like an American, humanity would need more than one Earth to sustain itself demonstrates that mankind has an affect on the environment.

Or I could go to Newton. If every effect has an equal an opposite effect, what's the cumulative effect going to happen to the environment when the population hits 12 billion?

Did I use 'effect' and 'affect' correctly? I'm bloody dyslexic but I do understand logic, and I am sorry I insulted you.

Still, you didn't challenge my fact or reason re: ozone hole layer.