Saturday, November 17, 2007

IPCC Synthesis "...abrupt or irreversible climate changes and impacts..."

Heart-heavy reading, with an impact like the doctor telling you that you have a very serious problem:

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Global warming could be irreversible: IPCC

Posted 2 hours 48 minutes ago — AAP

The UN's Nobel-winning panel on climate change completed a draft report that said the consequences of global warming could be "irreversible".

The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) encapsulates a massive review of the global warming issue, with the goal of guiding policy-makers for the next five years.

Human activities "could lead to abrupt or irreversible climate changes and impacts," the agreed text said.

The so-called synthesis report summarises the main points from three massive documents issued this year covering the evidence for climate change; the present and possible future impacts of it; and the options for tackling the peril.

After Saturday, attention will shift to a meeting in Bali, Indonesia, next month.

Governments will try to set down a 'roadmap' for negotiations that will end in a deal to cut carbon emissions and help developing nations adapt to climate change.

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2:39 AM: Well, that was the ABC carrying AAP. A quick Google shows that the Brisbane Times are the only other media to pick up this story so far. There's a lot more detail, starting with the death-knell for climate change denialism:

The IPCC experts agreed that the rise in Earth's temperature observed in the past few decades was principally due to human causes, not natural ones, as "climate skeptics" often aver.

The impacts of climate change are already visible, in the form of retreating glaciers and snow loss in alpine regions, thinning Arctic summer sea ice and thawing permafrost, according to predictions in the three IPCC reports issued earlier this year.

By 2100, global average surface temperatures could rise by between 1.1 C (1.98 F) and 6.4 C (11.52 F) compared to 1980-99 levels, while sea levels will rise by between 18 and 59 centimetres (7.2 and 23.2 inches), according to the IPCC's forecast.

Heatwaves, rainstorms, drought, tropical cyclones and surges in sea level are among the events expected to become more frequent, more widespread and/or more intense this century.

As a result, water shortages, hunger, flooding and damage to homes will be a heightened threat.

"All countries" will be affected, says the IPCC. Those bearing the brunt, though, will be poor countries which incidentally bear the least responsibility for creating the problem.

Yan Hong, deputy secretary of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), one of the IPCC's two parent bodies, warned on Monday that climate change bore "potential implications for world peace" by intensifying squabbles over water, food and energy.

"It could also lead to massive population resettlement, especially to urban areas that may not have capacity to shelter, feed and employ them," he said.

The IPCC won this year's Nobel Peace Prize alongside climate campaigner and former US vice president Al Gore.

The panel, comprising specialists in atmospheric chemistry, ocean biology, glaciation, economics and many other disciplines, issues regular reviews, called assessment reports, on global warming.

It has been widely praised for the impartiality and objectivity of its reports, although this year some experts have said its review process may be too conservative and slow-moving to assess what now transpires to be a fast-moving problem.

This year's is the fourth assessment report since the IPCC was established in 1988 by the WMO and UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

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TonyGuitar said...

Sandalow is a breath of fresh air.. He is crisp and clear about the most central of points during a recent interview now on video.

Author of *Oil Free America*

He should be familiar to all households in North America but that would take Million$ in promotion or a sudden encounter with some fluff like Paris Hilton.

E8.. debate… Exxon loves it..Debate and procrastinate.

Similar to Global Warming debate..

Debate is a diversion. Exxon,Chevron, GM and Magna Auto Parts et all, love it.

Time for practical clean-up action. News tip…

Canadian government refuses to grant domestic sales licenses to both Zenn [Quebec] and Dynasty [B.C.] EV manufacturers.

The Zenn vehicle is an award winner in other countries. Both comply with regs.

CBC video news clip.. [Mansbridge]


Bio-fuels have some merit …

Canada has two stations serving more than one grade of bio fuel…[Whoop-de-do].[/sarc]

A UN approved campaign to retro-fit thousands of coal-gen plants with various clean technology would make vastly more improvement.

North America is 96% dependent on one single vehicle fuel .. OIL. [Brazil =75% cane based Bio-fuel.] [Which is the banana republic now?]

A swing to battery, compressed air and clean coal-gen would really reduce pollution. [Paris taxis and Tata motors India= cars on compressed air.]

…would lower the value of oil.

…would lower tensions in the M.E.

…would reduce health hazard smog in cities.

…would lead to a kiosk road tax collection system

…would enrage Exxon, Chevron and GM, financial backers of both Dems and Reps; Libs and Conservatives, not to mention the wrath of Alberta and Texas.

…would lead to unemployment and tax losses during transition.

…would be the correct an honorable thing to do. = TG

Anonymous said...

A few things we can do now:
I will flush my toilet less. If it is yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown send it down.
I will turn off a few extra lights.
I will water my plants less, and not water my lawn in the winter.
I will drive a bit slower.
I will plant two trees this year.
I will repost this comment 3 times.

TonyGuitar said...

I do turn on the hot water tank for 35 minutes, once each day 6:30am.

I do not use the electric stove. Two microwave ovens are standard here.

I do keep all bedroom doors closed. baseboard heat only living and kitchen areas. Cool bedrooms are healthier.

I do use color balanced compact flouresents.

Monthly hydro bill for my 2 bedroom place, heat included is $19 to $22.

My neighbour pays $600 for 3 to 4 months furnace oil and that is in addition to his hydro bill. His is a 2 bedroom place as well.

Poor fellow. = TG

Anonymous said...

More TG, more...