Friday, July 04, 2008

Garnaut Draft: Critic discounts it by 33%

The 537 page Garnaut CLIMATE CHANGE REVIEW DRAFT REPORT is out today, and already we know it's hurting Australians.

We know exactly who, too. L. Ron Bolt is already clawing at the report, and he hasn't even got to the Table of Contents:

Garnaut goes for the scare


Ross Garnaut’s 360-page blueprint for tackling the urgent crisis of the end of the warming world is printed on paper. But, says Garnaut on page 2, it’s environmentally kind paper:

9Lives80, composed of 80 percent post-consumer fibre....

Pity that this is paper that’s actually made in Italy, requiring lots of gassy transport to bring here. What hope of purity for the rest of us, then, when the gurus set this example?

(Thanks to reader Owen.)

Or should that be reader Pwn?

Don't it jest drive you nuts when deniers spear us well-meaning non-deniers with such sharp shards of perspicacity? Here is the whole statement that Andrew's playing Gotcha Garnaut with.

This report is printed on 9Lives 80, a paper composed of 80% post-consumer fibre and 20% totally chlorine-free pulp? 9Lives 80 is a Forest Stewardship Council mixed-source certified paper identifying that all virgin pulp is derived from well-managed forests and manufactured by ISO 14001 certified mills?
All inks used in the printing of this report are vegetable based.

Of course Andrew knows that ISO 14001 is the environmental management planning ISO certification? The Italian paper company, Burgo Group, must have strict compliance and reporting standards. In a trice I was downloading their Paper Field 2007 Environmental Report for an statement on their transport, logistics and distribution.


The path towards sustainable growth also includes responsible logistics and transport management: moving and storing goods, in fact, produces noise, consumes energy and creates traffic, therefore, emissions into the environment. We have organised an approach to tackle these problems that leads to benefits in terms of savings, efficiency, safety and less pollution. Movement of materials arriving at and leaving our mills, production planning and warehouse management is controlled at Group level.

Thanks to precise coordination of goods and raw material flows we have managed to limit movements, so reducing the noise this creates, emissions from vehicles (fork-lifters and trucks) and risks of damage to finished products.

As far as possible we at the Burgo Group try to reduce road transport by resorting to alternative methods. We use railways, the multimode system that consists in a combination of truck, ship and rail transport, and short-range coastal sea transport, also encouraged by the European Commission. During the year the PM9 was installed at Verzuolo we expanded rail facilities from 6,500 to 19,000 wagons per year, both arriving and departing.

Our Duino mill has an internal railway line to handle arrival of raw materials and is linked directly to already organised major European printing centres and those that will be connected in the future.

So Andrew's caught out again, and rightly so. If a company bothers enough about customers and the environment enough to implement costly ISO 14001 compliance, is it too much to ask newspaper opinion journalists to implement simple research before snidely sniping from the sidelines?

I note he didn't even download the Garnaut Draft before criticising: It's a 537 page blueprint, not a 360 page blueprint. Andrew's discount is by 33% — before even reading the table of contents.

What hope of an honest debate for the rest of us, then, when the L. Ron Bolt sets this example?

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Anonymous said...

Pardon me while I recycle a comment used elsewhere but the same point is valid here.
There is just one serious question to ask your self when you have finished reading this very flawed tome and that is will the prescription offered by Garnaut even begin to have an effect on the global climate? It takes just a fraction of a second to realise that it will not.It is an entirely futile imposition on the Australian people that will destroy our economy for no result.
The above applies even if you believe the underlying Warminist assumption. Because failing to consider the lack of hard evidence for the theory of AGW is the biggest flaw in this report.Remember that Garnaut is not even a scientist and that despite claims to the contrary from economists that economics is not a science.

Wadard said...

Pardon me while I recycle a comment used elsewhere but the same point is valid here.

Bravo. That's the very definition of propaganda, but in green-speech. Clever.

Odd that deniers are the greatest proponents of recycling - of their own jaundiced myths. Inn't?

PeterW said...

“…is it too much to ask newspaper opinion journalists to implement simple research before snidely sniping from the sidelines?”

The PDF Andrew Bolt links to clearly identifies the stock’s country of origin as Italy.

What’s the distance from Italy to Australia by sea?

10,000 nautical miles? 14,000 nautical miles? Or did the happy clappy ISO friendly paper maker fly the stock out for Guano?

I note the stock’s ‘virgin pulp’ is sourced from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Morocco, Sweden and the USA whilst the recycled content has been transported from France and Canada - more gassy transport and evil wood chipping.

Looks to me that when you picked up Andrew’s well worn but accurate sniper rifle you failed to read the instructions, put the muzzle to your right eye and blasted away – red on red.

That’s the problem with the perspective viewed by pompous self described progressives – all arse about.

By the way my downloaded copy of Guano’s risible attempt at proselytism contains 548 pages of ill-informed declaration and hyperbole.