Monday, February 26, 2007

Best Documentary: An Inconvenient Truth

In a boon to PowerPoint, Al Gore picked up an unlikely Oscar for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. This will bring his message to a wider audience. The more that see his engaging presentation about the current state of the science of global warming, and what it is telling us, the better the catalyses. By any measure this once obscure science being honoured with Hollywood's highest accolade is an astounding state of affairs, and is a reflection of the impact that global warming is having as it moves to the center stage of mainstream consciousness. It is the third highest grossing documentary of all time and has netted over $US24 million to date.

Read for their review, still considered and insightful after 18 months, explaining why An Inconvenient Truth works as a cinematic experience.

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chalacuna said...

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