Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Style Watch

One of the things I want to do with Global Warming Watch is to pick out any good writing style and expression that I come across in my reading. If it is expression that delights, or something that I disagree with but is argued well, it will make the cut.

With this in mind, I came across a new site for me, Conscious Earth, and the following:

The Washington Times -
"Global warming has become
the catechism of a new-age
religion, with Mr. Gore as its
topmost prelate, entitled to cassock,
miter, incense and hot holy water.
Anyone who dissents risks a session
on the rack, as we have lately seen in
calls for punishing 'deniers'.".

Deniers of global warming are likely screaming in glee at the quotes above, as a sense of vindication and affirmation sweep over their science battered souls.

A good line. Comes with a good headline, too. Read the rest of the post, The Environment - A Religion of Fact.

After exposing the attempts by Denialists to paint the climate change concerned as irrational neo-pagan green religists (doesn't sound so bad), the poster snapped at the logical Achilles Heel in this argument.

If Al Gore does represent a new religion, then it is one founded on rationality over hysteria, on hope for humanity, on care for the planet, and concern for those who will come after us. That is a moral compass worth following and one that can create a better world for us all.

More to the point Gore's message - unlike the religious zeal of the National Post - is grounded in fact.That single point gives him credibility that the Post can't hope for, and it is the most tangible reason why millions are willing to listen to his message.

If Denialists thinks they can get traction by painting global warming understanding as a new green religious hysteria, let's oblige and come out. Repeat after me:

Our Gaia,
who art spinning in the heavens,
say hellow as you circle thy Sun.

Thy green kingdom come,
may natural law be done,
on earth
as it is in heaven.

Spin us this day, to make our daily bread,
and allow us to trade our trespasses,
but tax those who trespass against Thee.

Lead us not into CO2 emissions.
and deliver us from Evil Fossil-Fuel.

For thine is the Katrina,
and the power
of Hurricane Glory.

Forever stay clever.


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