Friday, February 02, 2007

Planet to Earth. SOS.

The Greens are advertising: :::[SMH]

A new Australian Greens' advertising campaign on climate change will see the letters SOS loom over Australia's major cities for the next 30 days.

Billboards, depicting the international distress signal SOS with a satellite image of the earth as the middle letter, are part of the Greens' campaign ahead of this year's federal election.

Greens leader Bob Brown launched the campaign in Hobart on Thursday and warned the future of the planet was at stake.

"Prime Minister John Howard has failed Australia on climate change, the most important issue the nation faces," Senator Brown said.

"If we want to rescue the climate we have to rescue the Senate from coalition control and put more Greens MPs in the federal parliament."

Nice simple idea! A three letter headline - like "wow". You can't really get more to the point than that. Will it work?

Senator Brown also cited a Morgan Poll from late last year which found 48.1 per cent of Australians saw the Greens as the optimum party to govern climate change policy.

So I predict people like Andrew Bolt will jump on "Save our Souls" as proof that global warming is the new altar of the green religion. This will be a good sign the campaign is working.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Greens