Monday, February 12, 2007

Whalers ram 30cm hole into side of pirate anti-whalers

It's the annual whale hunting season down in Australia's Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.

I know that sounds peculiar. It is. Long story.

In recent years, instead of your usual runaway slaughter (Japan - 990, Whales - 0), the blood-sport's scoreline differences have become smaller as the whales stage a comeback under the captaincy of
Captain Paul Watson, the totally lunatic with whale conservation vigilante group, Sea Shepherd. They are becoming progressively more of a pain in the side of the Japanese whaling fleet with every year.

Today the favour was returned and the pain in the side will have come for a 30cm hole that was created in the side of the anti-whaler, Robert Hunter, by the whaler Kaiko Maru ramming her after being intercepted hunting down a pod and chased into sea heavy with ice.

Undeterred, Captain Paul Watson has plans to be more of a pain, and not just in the whalers' side: :::[Daily Telegraph]

Watson said he intends to take drastic action, probably in the next 24 hours, to slam his vessel into the Nisshin Maru's slipway, preventing it from hunting more whales.

"We would probably be stuck into them. They would have to go back to Tokyo with us sticking out of their rear end,'' he said.

"Perhaps it's time to give these cruel whalers a steel enema they will never forget.''

That's for all the whales, mate. A steel enema? Ouch. The guy is feral, but he clearly lives his truth and that is admirable. The Japanese are illegal. The whales are protected by international law. Australia won't defend the whales. It's sad, but outlaws must.

Biodiversity rules.

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