Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Neville Chamberlain of Climate Change

Andrew "Neville" Bolt is preparing for his 7:00 am debate on global warming with David Koch:

By Andrew Bolt
Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 04:45pm

David Koch, host of Channel Seven’s popular Sunrise program, is apparently not pleased with my reference to him on Alan Jones’ show this morning.
And so we shall debate global warming, or so I’m told, on his show tomorrow just after the 7am news. Cover up well.

Among the commenters on his site are those known as the Boltstrokers. They have not been helpful contributors on the strategy development front:

Posted by Dan_W on Tue 27 Feb 07 at 06:54pm
Rug up, Andrew.

Posted by Alastair of Melbourne on Tue 27 Feb 07 at 06:58pm
I hope you take the opportunity to put him in his place once and for all!

Posted by Greg Williams of Perth on Tue 27 Feb 07 at 07:13pm
If they stay away from fluffing the subject you will absolutely annihilate him. Don’t let him lull you into an overly familiar friendly chat; this is a chance to burst this irrational bubble they are in on this show. Good luck!!

Posted by jenn of prahran on Tue 27 Feb 07 at 07:21pm
dont worry Andrew,

He is just a boring bald accountant on a show where he is laughed at, not with.
But he keeps the oldies amused I guess.
Your a rocket scientist next to him, but I think you will get ambushed or cut off. The show is “green” remember.

Posted by al gore on Tue 27 Feb 07 at 07:23pm
Koch is starting to take himself way too seriously. He is starting to sound arrogant.
Andrew he needs a dose of reality knock him down a few pegs.

So I tried to help him make sense of his recent positioning on the issue:


Have you a strategy? Which of your stances will you adopt?
  1. Climate change is not happening: “Vanuatu is not sinking!”.

  2. It is happening, but man does not cause it.

  3. Mitigating it is a waste of money.

  4. It is happening and mitigating it is not a waste of money, if we only spend our money on nuclear power, because, ........ of, of something to do with base-load power.

  5. It's happening, but alarmists have hijacked the show; along with climate scientists, people who understand science, big business, and messianic politicians, Aussies of the year, airline owners, private aeroplane owners, city building management, and 90% of the general public. And all my other targets for good measure (So because of this, I propose we do nothing).

  6. If we take alarmists seriously, alarming things will happen. Not that we’re alarmists, ja?

Hope I have been useful. Good luck.

AGW Fundy

Good luck indeed to the greatest appeaser of the denial lobby in Australia. Tune in for a Koch coshing - Andrew's words.

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