Sunday, June 10, 2007

Labor won't flog nuclear power

Rudd is leaving that dead horse for Howard, I think.
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OPPOSITION Leader Kevin Rudd today insisted Australia could reach ambitious emissions reductions targets without resorting to nuclear power.

Mr Rudd said the key was to establish an emissions trading market
"The science of this is pretty basic. All the scientists around the world agree that we have got to reach a point whereby we actually bring total emissions down. That is the carbon target,''
once the target was set, the emissions trading scheme and the market could establish the most cost-effective means of achieving that target.
"Then you would see a huge investment in alternative clean energies like solar, like wind, like geothermal and the rest. You'd set the right price signals for clean coal technologies and carbon sequestration and also for gas.
with this rich array of other alternative energy options available, we can achieve our overall carbon target without taking on the extra safety and environmental risks which the nuclear option for Australia would represent.''
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Sam Clifford said...

That's the best thing to come out of Rudd's mouth in a long time.