Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wild weather disrupting oil shipping in Oman

Cola shipping activity at Newcastle, Australia, the world's largest coal port, is being disrupted by wild storms. Sar, a port in Eastern Oman, is facing similar difficulties with the weather.

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DrumBeat: June 9, 2007

Port city of Sur is recovering

Oman's eastern port city of Sur and adjoining areas in the Sharqiya region, which bore the brunt of tropical cyclone Gonu's fury when it struck the Sultanate soon after midnight on Wednesday, was recovering fast, key officials of the National Committee for Disaster Control (NCDC) said here yesterday.

...The Ministry of Oil and Gas said it was doing its best to produce and supply enough quantities of fuel. A shortage at petrol pumps, it added, was caused not by shortfall in output, but by tankers unable to reach filling stations because of transportation difficulties.

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