Saturday, June 09, 2007

Plus Five won't allign on G8 climate plan

Not so good.
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BERLIN: The leaders of five major developing nations have signalled they would not bow to pressure from the Group of Eight to commit to binding targets in the fight against global warming.

Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa insisted on Thursday, a day ahead of talks with G8 leaders, that their "different capacities and interests" must be considered when tackling climate change.

Yesterday China, the world's number two emitter after the US, reiterated that rich nations must take the lead on cutting greenhouse emissions.

"Considering both historical responsibility and current capability, developed countries should … help developing countries ease and adapt to climate change," the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, told a meeting of the so-called Plus Five group of emerging nations.

India and China, which have a combined population of 2.4 billion and rising pollution levels, reject restrictions on emissions for fear that it would slow their economic growth
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