Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Amazonian tribe found living in thick jungle

A 'lost' Amazonian Indian tribe has made contact with the outside world. We are yet to find out why, however, isn't it an amazing thought that these sustainable stewards of the forest might find themselves at the top of the food-chain in a fully-fledged carbon economy.
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An Indian tribe that has had no formal contact with Western
civilisation has been located in a remote Amazon region, federal
authorities say.

The Metyktire tribe, with about 87 members, was found last week
in an area that is difficult to reach because of thick jungle and a
lack of nearby rivers about 2000 kilometres north-west of Rio de
Janeiro, said Mario Moura, a spokesman for the Federal Indian
Bureau, or Funai.

Patrick Cunningham of the London-based Indigenous People's
Cultural Support Trust, which is involved in an unrelated
expedition in the region, said in an email that the tribe speaks an
archaic version of the Kayapo language and goes naked. Like many
less-assimilated members of the Kayapo, the men wear penis sheaths
and several have plates in their lower lips, he said. The women
shave the tops of their heads.
Miriam Ross, a campaigner with the indigenous rights group
Survival International, estimates there are more than 100
uncontacted tribes across the world.
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fallenmonk said...

Anyone want to take bets on how soon the bastards are hooked on high fructose corn syrup? It is very rare that the west finds a truly virginal society and it quite the sight to see how fast we can deflower them.